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Here are our top 10 books for students of English as a second or foreign language at intermediate level and above. No-one learning English should be without their own copy! 

1. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

2. Raymond Murphy: English Grammar in Use (with CD-ROM)

3. English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced)

4. Michael Swan: Practical English Usage

5. English Grammar: Intermediate

6. Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary for Learners of English

7. Dictionary of Idioms

8. Dictionary of Slang

9.  1100 Words You Need to Know

10. English Pronouncing Dictionary with CD-ROM

And if you're preparing for an English language exam, you might find these very useful:

1. Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test Book with CD-ROM

2. Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS

3. Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency

If you're interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language, you need:

 Jeremy Harmer: The Practice Of English Language Teaching

And finally, if you want to know absolutely everything about the English language, read:

 David Crystal: Encyclopedia of the English Language


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